Crude oil is processed on the basis of a fuel and lube oil production pattern using the following processes:

  • Crude oil desalting and dehydration;
  • Crude oil primary distillation;
  • Gasoline rerun;
  • Fuel oil vacuum distillation;
  • Catalytic cracking and reforming;
  • Hydrotreatment of fuels;
  • Gas fractionation;
  • Deasphalting and selective extraction of lube fractions;
  • Their dewaxing and hydrofining, sweetening of dry gases;

Production of:

  • Sulphur;
  • Construction and road bitumen;
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons;

Crude oil primary distillation design capacity makes - 18.6 million tons per year.


The major feedstock is crude oil. Additionally, the refinery processes gas condensate. It is possible to process additional quantities of purchased vacuum gasoil as feedstock for catalytic crackers. Petroleum feedstock is supplied to the refinery via pipeline and by railroad.


A number of employees of PJSC "Ukrtatnafta" constitutes around 4000 persons. The management of the refinery pays close attention to improvement of competence and professionalism of its personnel and to its continuity. The refinery is licensed by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine to conduct professional training, retraining and advanced training for workers.