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PJSC "Ukrtatnafta" is the largest refining complex in Ukraine and considers environmental protection the priority direction of its activity.

Over the last years the following environmental protection measures have been taken:

- replacement of outdated equipment;
- use of low-sulfur fuel oil;
- start-up of Flare Gas Recovery Unit;
- implementation of closed loop water system;
- arrangement of a ground water cut-off curtain around ponds of wastewater treatment facilities;
- arrangement of ground protection system for the whole refinery area with separate pump-out of oil and polluted waters;
- integrated treatment of recycling water and improved technological discipline led to the achievement of substantial results in the level of environmental protection.
- refuse to use lead-containing additives.

As a result:

1. The Company managed to cut dead weight losses to the level lower than normative.

2. Refinery has the highest in the field water cycle rate of 99.7 - 99.8% and is the only refinery operating without effluent discharge into open waters. Regular research conducted by the Ukrainian Center for protection of water from wells around evaporation pond, confirm the reduction of ground water pollution and thus correct predictions of experts concerning completing of ground waters’ self-cleaning in 2003-2007.

3. In the field of wastes and slops disposal, the only in Poltava region toxic industrial wastes landfill, corresponding to all ecological standards, was commissioned in 1994. With the involvement of foreign investments we proved the technology, tooled-up and from June 1997 implemented the complete system of any oily wastes recycling.

4. In the field of ground waters protection from oil products we carried out wide range of research and development activities, and along with passive methods (construction of buried wall like cut-off curtain with the depth of 28 meters), we apply also active – units of separate extraction from underground levels of oil products and polluted waters. Since the time of oil products accumulation detection we use the pilot unit on oil products wastes extraction from underground, fitted up with American equipment with the capacity of 200-300 liters of 100%-oil product per day. Active fundamental operations on the replacement of in-ground reinforced concrete storage tanks with possible filtration for above-ground steel ones continue.

As a result of works performed we managed to significantly reduce the impact on underground waters of evaporation pond and almost prevent the expansion of oil products from main industrial area by creating a reverse gradient. At this stage, ground-water pollution is almost eliminated (when compared with 1996, it reduced by 94%). Works are nearing completion.

5. Works in the field of air protection resulted in significant reduction of gross harmful emissions into the atmosphere (more than 5 times in comparison with the year 1991). Thereof we achieved maximum admissible discharge limit, determined by supervising state agencies in accordance with existing regulations. Thus, PJSC "Ukrtatnafta" over the past 10 years has no material claims and penalties for environmental issues on the part of supervising state agencies.

6. Commissioning of the Unit for methyl-tret-ethyl-ether (MTBE) production in 2002 with the following  switch to the production of ethyl-tret-butyl-ether (ETBE) improved production efficiency in whole and enabled to obtain significant environmental effect, consisting of reduction both emissions release from the sources of switched production and reduction of transport emissions both in Kremenchug and throughout the territory of Ukraine due to more complete combustion of fuel and reduction of its specific consumption. The use of high-octane oxygenated additives for gasolines will significantly improve their consumer and environmental quality by reducing the content of harmful substances in motor gases ( and aromatic hydrocarbons content will reduce on 20% and 70% respectively) and contributes to the implementation of Ukraine’s commitments concerning the refuse up to 2005 from the production and application of leaded gasoline, adopted at the 4th Conference of Ministers for Environment of EU member states.

7. Commissioning of Sour Water Stripper in 2005 with the installed waste water processing capacity of 320 thou meters³ per year allowed to completely split toxic wastewater stream to separate components and to direct hydrogen sulfide to Sulfur Recovery Unit for the production of additional products; ammonia water and phenols – to the existing purification process, and the purified condensate - to recycling.

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