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3 Svishtovskaya str., Kremenchug, Poltava Region, 39610, Ukraine
Fax: + 38 (0536) 76-80-20, 76-82-30
Teletype: 164509 IVA, about company

Transnational Finance and Production Petroleum Company "Ukrtatnafta" was established in 1994 in compliance with the Decrees of the Presidents of Ukraine and Republic of Tatarstan. PJSC “Ukrtatnafta” is the leader of the Ukrainian oil refining industry and the largest producer of high-quality oil products. The design processing capacity is 18.6 million tons of feedstock per year. Production facilities of the Company are designed for processing of all kinds of crude oil and gas condensate.

PJSC "Ukrtatnafta" produces a wide range of high-quality finished products, in particular, environment friendly gasoline and diesel fuel compliant with Euro-5 standard. Products of PJSC "Ukrtatnafta" have enjoyed the best references from customers and are well-known in Ukraine and abroad. PJSC "Ukrtatnafta" has adopted and is successfully implementing the program of modernization of its production facilities with the purpose of further improvement of environmental specifications of its products, decreasing harmful emissions, as well as improvement of the yield of light oil products.

PJSC "Ukrtatnafta" has a favourable geographic location. Being situated in the center of Ukraine and using the well-developed railway and road transport networks, the Company ensures prompt delivery of oil products to customers. Proximity to seaports significantly broadens export opportunities of the Company.

PJSC "Ukrtatnafta" employs around 4000 persons. Being a major revenue generating enterprise for the municipal and regional budgets, PJSC "Ukrtatnafta" actively engages in social and regional projects.

PJSC "Ukrtatnafta" pursues a flexible marketing policy and has firm business relations with leading foreign companies and financial institutions.


1961 Start of construction works.

1966 Combined Unit CDU -12/5.
1967 Gasolines Catalytic Reforming Unit L-35/11-300. Bitumen Unit 19/6.
1969 Gas Fractionation Unit (GFU).
1969-1970 Combined Unit GK-3/11 with block of primary crude oil processing and catalytic cracking.
1971 Catalytic Reforming Unit LCh-35/11-600. Diesel Fuel Hydrotreatment Unit LCh-24/7-68.
1972 Block of primary crude oil processing of Unit GK-3/12.
1974-1976 Catalytic Reforming Unit with aromatics extraction LG-35-8/300 "B". Complex of units on lube oil production (G-37, G-39-40, G-36-37, G-24). Dry Gas Desulphurization. Block of catalytic cracking of the Combined Unit GK-3/12.
1977 Sulfur Recovery Unit.
1978 Combined Oil Refining Unit LK-6U (crude distillation unit, catalytic reforming of gasolines, kerosene and diesel fuel hydrotreatment, gas fractionation).
1981 Complex on production of detergent-dispersant additive -9250.
1984 Unit on production of liquid paraffins by "Parex" method.
1988 Complex of Waste Oils Recovery Units.
2001 Unit on production of methyl-tret-butyl-ether.
2005 Sour Water Stripper.
2006 Replacement of catalyst system on -200 of Unit LK-6U.
2008 Replacement of catalyst systems and internals on Unit LCh-35/11-600.
2009 Replacement of catalyst systems and internals on Unit LCh-35/11-300.
2009 Replacement of catalyst systems and internals on Unit LCh-24-7/68 (production of Euro-4 diesel fuel)
2009 Replacement of catalyst systems and internals on section 300/1 of Unit LK-6U in order to arrange vacuum gasoil hydrotreatment process (production of Euro-3 motor gasolines)
Information on corporate structure:
1961-1994 State Enterprise Kremenchug Refinery.
1994 Joint Stock Company "Kremenchugnefteorgsyntez".
From 1994 Close Joint Stock Company the transnational finance and production petroleum company "Ukrtatnafta".
From 2010 Public Joint Stock Company «The Transnational Finance and Production Petroleum Company «Ukrtatnafta».




Chairman of the Board

Pavel Vladimirovich

Tel. +38 (0536)


Acting First Deputy Chairman of the Board

Ruslan Vladimirovich

Tel. +38 (0536)


Deputy Chairman of the Board on Legal and Corporate Affairs

Valeriy Vladimirovich

Tel. +38 (0536)


Deputy Chairman of the Board on Personnel and Social Affairs

Tel. +38 (0536)


Deputy Chairman of the Board on Commercial Affairs

Andrey Ivanovich

Tel. +38 (0536)


Deputy Chairman of the Board – Head of Finance

and Economy Department

Viktor Vladimirovich

Tel. +38 (0536)


Chief Accountant, member of the Board

Elena Leonidovna

Tel. 38(0536)


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