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Attention! Sale of petroleum products is carried out solely in terms of 100% prepayment.

Current prices as of 21.03.19

Product nameNormative documentPrice when shipped by motor transport, UAH/tPrice when shipped by railroad transport, UAH/t
Automobile gasoline A- 95 EURO5 - E5DSTU 7687:201530 350.0030 350.00
Automobile gasoline A- 92 EURO5 - E5DSTU 7687:201529 500.0029 500.00
Diesel Fuel DP- Z- EURO5 B0DSTU 7688:201527 650.0027 650.00
Diesel Fuel DP- L- EURO5 B0DSTU 7688:201527 650.0027 650.00
Petroleum viscous road bitumen BND 60/90DSTU 4044-200113 700.0013 700.00
Road bitumen 70/100DSTU EN 12591:201713 700.0013 700.00
Liquefied Petroleum Gas grade BDSTU EN 589:2017
Liquefied Petroleum Gas grade ADSTU EN 589:2017
RT Jet FuelGSTU 320.00149943.007-97
Fuel Oil -100DSTU 4058-2001
Lump SulfurDSTU 2181-93 (GOST 127.1-93)1 200.001 200.00

Note: All prices are stated including VAT

** When shipped by railroad transport the quality of products corresponds to the effective GOST and is certified with Quality Certificate of the Supplier. When shipped by motor transport of the Buyer, the right of ownership and the risks associated with the loss and damage of the goods are vested to the Buyer. Claims to the Supplier concerning quality of the supplied goods are not the subject to satisfaction.

Prices for tankers
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Prices for tankers
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